G.I.B Fixing, Stopping, Painting and Flooring

Our expert team have a great deal of experience designing layouts and fitting plasterboard. Be sure to get us in early so that we can discuss the very best plasterboard layout for your home or business. This will enable us to keep costs down by using larger or more efficient boards where possible, and will also ensure that we can make the very best use of the available space.

G.I.B Fixing, Stopping and Painting

Our team of specialist Gib Stoppers will take the time to discuss your requirements for all of the plasterwork in your home or office. From functional, unseen areas to highly visible, painted interior walls, our highly trained experts will ensure that you get the quality that you require. You won’t be paying for unnecessary work, and you’ll be sure to get that really impressive finish where you want it.


If you’re looking for those final touches to finish off your rooms in style, we’d be more than happy to oblige. We offer superior services in all types of fibrous plaster work, including cornices, coves and ceiling roses.