Roofing and waterproofing

We focus on waterproofing flat-roofs, internal gutters, balconies, terraces and decks. Throughout the years we have used an expansive variety of specified and approved products by the NZBC (New Zealand Building Code). It is very important that installation of the membranes is carried out by a highly qualified Licensed Building Practioner (LBP) - preferentially with a lot of experience in the industry. Flat roof repairs is a high-in-demand service we operate in Auckland districts. Many flat roofs after 20 years or LESS need an inspection due to the rubber material ageing because of New Zealand's hot/cold erratic weather cycle. We can do this inspection at no cost and see to it that your flat roof is watertight by doing a few tests on it. Internal gutters may cause a number of problems for any building. You should consult us on these as soon as a leak is identified, failure to fix an internal gutter can cause extensive damage on the interior of the house, costing thousands of dollars to replace.


Tanking is considered as the most specific aspect of the waterproofing industry. It provides a secure and dry environment under the soil for the foundation of various buildings. We offer Peel & Stick (self adhering membranes), Liquid applied Membranes, Blindside Membranes, Bentonite Membranes and Torch on. The product requires an experienced, licensed and responsible installer due to the important nature of the work. We are more than happy to advise which membrane is most suitable when giving our free quote or inspection.


Re-roofing starts off as a visit from one of our experienced inspectors. The inspector will then be able to advise of the conditions of the roof, deck or balcony. Unfortunately sometimes replacing of the membrane itself will not guarantee a watertight conclusion. Aspects such as the substrate or the pitch of the substrate have to be replaced or fixed to the standard so we can minimise water build up, also known as ‘ponding’. Some buildings have a number of parapets and outlets which we take into consideration. In the previous years we have been able to manipulate the fall of a roof (pitch) to maximise water drainage. Furthermore, when installing warm roofing systems (externally insulated roof system) we also look at the possibility of internal pressure and moisture build up. To create a long lasting Warm Roof System it is important to consider the most effective places for roof vents. With this system we have achieved affordable and high standards to avoid any serious reconstruction to New Zealanders homes.


Interiors focuses on the G.I.B fixing, stopping and painting side of things. As a mandatory job that has potential in renovations and new buildings we saw it as an opportunity in the market. Our workers have had over ten years in the profession and are fully qualified. They will make your house more sound safe, fireproof or waterproof than it has ever been. After combining the two companies we can now take responsibility for the waterproofing, G.I.B fixing, stopping and painting of renovations of newly built projects. Each company reflecting the DVK desire for quality workmanship.